Video: 3 Tips on Making Content Pop with Social Media

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The greatest content isn’t so great until people read and share it. That’s why social communities and networks are so critical for an effective content marketing program. According to Eric Schmidt of Google, every two days we create more data and information than since the dawn of time to 2003. Where is that data coming […]

TopRank in NYC – PRSA Digital Impact 2012 – Lee Odden Presents on Digital Convergence: Marketing & Public Relations

PRSA Digital Impact in New York City

An optimized approach to online marketing and PR can have a very significant impact on your overall marketing success.  As consumers and media partners begin using different tactics and means of consuming, creating, and sharing information the way that you target them must also evolve. On April 2nd, 2012 at PRSA’s Annual Digital Impact conference […]

TopRank in London – CEO Lee Odden Combines the Powers of Search & Social at #SESLondon

Big Ben Welcomes TopRank Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden to SES London

TopRank is pleased to announce that CEO Lee Odden will be presenting and moderating multiple sessions at SES London this coming week.  As our online marketing agency continues to expand and provide subject matter expertise to clients both nationally and internationally, we view this as a great opportunity to share our advanced knowledge and experience […]

Ask An Expert: Can You Win the Online Marketing Race Without Content Marketing?

what do you know about your customers

When should you start with Content Marketing?  Today’s online marketing is a race where the stakes are high, competition is tough and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to create a sustainable, competitive advantage. Consider these questions to help you answer, “When Content Marketing is right?” for you: What’s the right time to understand who your best […]

How Can I get the Most Value From My Business Blog?

busines blogging in nature-Ask An Expert

Blogs are great for promoting key messages and distributing information about a brand, company or organizations. Starting a blog can be a valuable tool to help businesses sell their products while making better connections with customers, but it’s not as simple as slapping up some content. Creating a blog that is seen, shared and respected […]

How Can I Use LinkedIn to Engage My Target Audience?

Ask an Expert Linkedin

LinkedIn has long been the social media tool of choice by many professionals.  In the past it was used mostly as a contact database of everyone you have interacted with on a business level.  Recently LinkedIn has added some additional features that make it easier for marketers to reach their target audience. What are some […]

TopRank Presents at PRSA 2011: Advance Digital PR Skills with Social Media SEO

Better SEO for PR

The future of public relations relies heavily on interacting with individuals and companies online.  Building awareness and  brand recognition is only the first step.   What are you doing to make your news content and brand story easily found and talked about online?  In order to reach journalists, analysts, bloggers and influentials on the web, it’s […]

TopRank in Cleveland – Lee Odden Presents Social SEO Strategy at Content Marketing World 2011

TopRank CEO Lee Odden Speaking at Content Marketing World 2011

While it’s important for business website content to be optimized for search engines, don’t forget that your customers are communicating and making purchasing decisions every day on social media and networking sites.  Unfortunately, few companies excel at incorporating both Search and Social Media Optimization in their content strategies. On Sept. 6 – 9, Content Marketing […]

How Can I Ensure My Content Marketing Strategy Is Mobile Friendly?


As with any other type of content published in support of content marketing initiatives, mobile content must be findable.  And this means adjusting your optimization and creation efforts to ensure you both identify – and produce – content that effectively reaches your mobile audience. Because different mobile devices will render your site in different ways, […]

How Can I Convince My Company’s C-Suite That We Need Content Marketing?

wind sun

The Wind & The Sun, arguing over who is stronger, decide to settle their dispute based on which can compel a passing traveler to remove his coat.  The harder the wind blows, the more the traveler clutches his jacket tightly.  The sun, meanwhile, must simply shine gently until the warm traveler is compelled to remove […]