Ask An Expert: Does SEO Still Matter to My Business?

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As part of our monthly newsletter, we invite our readers to Ask TopRank® Online Marketing your questions about SEO, social media, blog marketing and online PR.  We’ll feature one question and answer each month. This month, we answer the question: Does SEO still matter to my business? SEO, at its core, is the art and science […]

Case Study: Blogging Helps Small Business Boost Search Traffic 109%

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Current Situation: Ray N. Welter Heating Company is a small business based in Minneapolis that specializes in central air conditioning and heating system repair.  The company has spent more than 100 years building a loyal customer base that will turn to them at the first sign of trouble. But therein lies the rub.  With the […]

Penguin 2.0 and What You Need to Know: If You Gamed, Will You Be Shamed?

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Google’s Matt Cutts announced today the release of its latest major algorithmic update: Penguin 2.0.  Earlier this week, Matt mentioned on This Week in Google, “The previous iteration of Penguin would essentinally only look at the home page of a site. The newer generation of Penguin goes much deeper…” so it’s worth website owners and […]

How Leather Bound Online Increased Online & In Store Traffic Through Content Marketing & SEO

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An important first step in launching an online marketing campaign is identifying objectives.  Objectives drive everything from strategy to implementation, measurement, and refinement. For example, an ecommerce site may have the goal of attracting more traffic to their website.  The assumption is that increased traffic will push more visitors into the top of the funnel, […]

Ask An Expert: What is one key thing that I need to know to kick-start a successful content marketing program?

Optimize For Your Audience

One word: Optimization. Right, I know, everyone is talking about optimization, but we’re talking about not just optimizing for search engines, but optimizing for customers. What is optimization? optimize (verb):  to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible (Merriam-Webster) Optimizing your online content, whether it’s your webpage, a blog post, social message, online profile, […]

7 Basic SEO Tips to Improve Search Visbility Where Customers Are Looking

7 SEO Tips

Most marketers understand the importance of setting goals, understanding audience and making a plan for improving their search engine visibility. But despite the need for that strategic approach, online marketers are hungry for individual tips and best practices. At TopRank Online Marketing, we understand the need for both and cover the strategy in-depth at Online […]

TopRank is Hiring: Web Developer & Designer that Speaks SEO


TopRank Online Marketing is in search of a talented web developer to join its high-performing team. The ideal candidate seeks an opportunity for challenge, innovation and reward with an opportunity to do world-class work in a fun, growing and collaborative environment.

Ask An Expert: Can You Win the Online Marketing Race Without Content Marketing?

what do you know about your customers

When should you start with Content Marketing?  Today’s online marketing is a race where the stakes are high, competition is tough and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to create a sustainable, competitive advantage. Consider these questions to help you answer, “When Content Marketing is right?” for you: What’s the right time to understand who your best […]

How the Bing And Yahoo! Relationship Impacts SEO Strategy


The culmination of a deal signed just over a year ago is that Microsoft’s Bing now powers Yahoo! search. The actual search impact remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that the two search engines together (Yahoo! and Bing) account for only about 30% of U.S. searches – with Google at 65%. The real […]

TopRank Teaches SEO Strategy at MarketingProfs University

Marketing Profs University

In an ever-evolving age of interactive media, search marketers walk a tight rope.  Between paid and organic search, social media, optimization, search rankings and measuring success, it’s no surprise that this balancing act presents challenges. MarketingProfs University is offering a 13-class course addressing popular questions on these topics to help search marketers find the perfect […]