B2B Influencer Marketing Report Finds “Always-On” Programs 12X More Successful Than Periodic Campaigns

74% of B2B marketers agree influencer marketing improves customer and prospect experiences, only 19% are running ongoing influencer marketing programs The 2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report also includes case studies from SAP, LinkedIn, monday.com, and Cherwell Software FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [August 11, 2020], Minneapolis, MN — Award-winning B2B marketing agency TopRank Marketing released […]

10 Tips To Build Trust With B2B Influencers & Buyers

How can marketers build trust with B2B influencers and buyers, and how can brands begin a pilot or expand an existing B2B influencer marketing program? Luckily, our CEO Lee Odden spent time with Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang as a guest on her Social Media Marketing Live Streaming Show, exploring the increasingly-popular use of influencer marketing among […]

Learn to Optimize Marketing Performance with Influence, Trust and Authentic Content

If you you looking to optimize your content performance, navigate marketing during the pandemic or improve customer experience, you will be able to do all three by taking part in three upcoming virtual event presentations during August featuring our CEO Lee Odden and senior director of digital strategy Ashley Zeckman. ContentTECH Summit August 10 – […]

5 Ways To Build A Smarter B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy – Lee Odden Interview

What does it take to create smart B2B influencer marketing campaigns that deliver measurably strong marketing results? How do brands and businesses begin partnering with influencers, and what kind of results can they expect to achieve? Don’t worry — we’ve got it all covered for you here. Our CEO Lee Odden joined Alan Quarry, host […]

Webinar: B2B Influencer Marketing Keys to Success with Lee Odden and MarketingProfs

How do you create a B2B influencer marketing program that’s built for success? Despite only 37 percent of B2B companies planning to implement an ongoing influencer marketing program, a full 77 percent of marketers say that prospects rely on advice from industry experts and 63 percent feel their marketing would have better results with an […]

Lee Odden Keynotes B2B Ignite USA – Build Influence in the C-Suite and on The Street

(Photo via B2BMX) Are you ready to build greater marketing influence with senior executives and with your customers? It turns out that there is a major trust gap between marketers and their board. In fact, a study by Fournaise Group reports 80% of CEOs simply don’t trust marketers at all, while 91% do trust CIOs […]

How Findability + Credibility = A Better B2B Marketing Experience

What happens to marketing experiences when you add together a healthy dose of findability and an impressive amount of topical credibility? Our CEO Lee Odden provided answers to that question and more as he joined SERPstat for on its Twitter #SERPstat_Chat series. They explored how marketing experience (MX) thrives when content findability through search is […]

Marketing During COVID-19: Learn How To Be the Best Answer with SEO

How can marketers be the best answer with search engine optimization (SEO) during COVID-19? Join TopRank® Marketing chief executive and co-founder Lee Odden as he shares how marketers can provide the kind of authentic, trusted and optimized content that customers want and more, during Ragan’s Google for Communicators Virtual Boot Camp event on Wednesday, May […]

5 B2B Influencer Marketing Tips That Get Results – Inbound Success

What does it take to build B2B influencer marketing campaigns that deliver measurable marketing results? How can businesses get started partnering with influencers, and what kind of results can they expect? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered here. Our CEO Lee Odden joined Kathleen Booth, vice president of marketing at Attila Security, on her […]

10 Top B2B Influencer Marketing Tips For PR and Marketing Professionals

With 47 percent of B2B companies planning to spend more money on influencer marketing in 2020 (Spiceworks), combined with its growing strength during times of crisis. Now is the time to implement a B2B influencer marketing plan, and here are the 10 top take-aways you need to know. Our CEO Lee Odden sat down with […]