1st #VocusChat TopRank’s @LeeOdden Hosts @Vocus first Twitter Chat


TopRank Online Marketing has worked with PRWeb for many years and helped to launch their first Twitter Chat #prwebchat late in 2010 by having TopRank CEO Lee Odden as the first host. PRWeb’s parent company, Vocus, tapped Odden for the first #vocuschat this week. Below is an archive of the correspondence on SEO and Public Relations between Cassie Pean from Vocus and Odden during this social conversation.

Vocus will be publishing a roundup post from the inaugural Twitter Chat on their blog that will include the dialog between participating members.

Q1: Why is #SEO for #PR important? #vocuschat

A1: I like to say, if a brand has good news, why hide it? SEO extends reach & sharing for an audience that’s looking. #vocuschat

A1: Measurement & impact on biz outcomes are key focus areas for PR & SEO is extremely accountable & measurable. #vocuschat

A1: We’re doing more SEO training for PR agencies to develop skills & gain an advantage over trad PR firms #vocuschat

A1: For a ton of articles on #SEO for #PR, check our Online PR category

Q2: You often talk about push and pull #PR. What is the difference between the two? #vocuschat

A2: Traditional Push PR focuses on outbound messages (pitching, media relations) Pull optimizes content for search visibility #vocuschat

A2: Journalists, analysts & bloggers doing online research “pull” themselves to your content via search #vocuschat

A2: Best practices online PR is both Push & Pull PR tactics with allocation to each determined by the nature of the program vocuschat

Q3: What are some of the latest and greatest #SEO tactics for press releases? #vocuschat

A3: “Latest” tactics can waste resources if fundamentals are lacking. Many releases lack great writing, CTA & media #vocuschat

A3: There is no substitute for a well-written, compelling release supported by digital assets (image, video). Quality travels #vocuschat

A3: Tip: Try writing release as a news story & distribute via PRWeb (client). Do a series. U may be surprised by the pickups. #vocuschat

A3: Think of the release as a message hub. Write a blog post version, tweets, FB updates, G+updates, etc as spokes. #vocuschat

A3: Here’s a killer SEO for PR Resource: Top 10 SEO Tactics for PR #vocuschat

Q4: How is optimizing #PR and news content different from optimizing content for lead generation or making sales? #vocuschat

A4: Optimizing for Marketing content focuses on customer acquisition & product/service sales #vocuschat

A4: PR content SEO usually focuses on discovery via search by journalists, bloggers & analysts looking for credible sources #vocuschat

A4: But customers can find optimized news content too, & it can influence traffic to marketing content #vocuschat

A4: Rising need for measurement & accountability in PR brings more marketing objectives to news SEO. Convergence is now #vocuschat

Q5: What are some tips for writing quality content that still ranks well in search engines? #vocuschat

A5: Creative, compelling content need not be mutually exclusive with keyword optimized content. 1st step: know your audience #vocuschat

A5: Find out what your customers care about in terms of your news & how that manifests as search keywords & social topics #vocuschat

A5: Cool Google News Keyword Research Tool

A5: Writing news from the customer perspective creates opportunities for quality content that ranks well in search AND inspires #vocuschat

A5: Also hire a really talented SEO copywriter 🙂 #vocuschat

Q6: What are some pitfalls to avoid when adding #SEO into #PR content strategies? #vocuschat

A6: First, read this: 6 Ways PR Pros Can Avoid Failing at SEO  #vocuschat

A6: SEO PR Fails often involve overuse of keywords, no link building, no social SEO, ignoring tech SEO #vocuschat

A6: @Vocus I may get in hot water (or uncomfortably warm) for this next one, but it must be said 🙂

A6: Careful of “SEO experts” in the PR world with great SEO vocabularies that couldn’t optimize if life or death. Qualify info #vocuschat

Thanks for the chat everyone and congratulations to Vocus on their first Twitter Chat.