3 Lessons Learned From Interning as a SEO Copywriter at TopRank Online Marketing

Steven Zahurones

Note from the Newsroom Editor:  There’s a familiar hum and buzz in the halls at the Lake Minnetonka TopRank Online Marketing World HQ. It’s the sound of smart people making things happen. Contributing to that productive melody are our summer interns. This post comes to us from Steven Zahurones who interned with us as a SEO Copywriter

As a recent college graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, I was very excited to put my undergraduate degree in public relations to work with TopRank Online Marketing as an SEO Copywriter. After all, I thought to myself, THIS is where Lee Odden comes from.

Complete with lunch, nerves and whole lot of excitement, I started my first day as an intern. It’s only been a month, but here are some secrets and lessons learned from the inside that everyone needs to know about a TopRank internship.

1 – Lee Odden and the TopRank team are every bit thought leaders in the office as they are in public

Being very eager, but with a few nerves, I went into my first day thinking that I needed to “prove” myself, even though I didn’t exactly know how I would do that, to the team. I found that wasn’t exactly the case, as the team is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. Account Managers Evan Prokop and Brian Larson were sure to make it easy for me to approach with questions and actually receive quality information in return.

There are differing opinions out there regarding digital marketing, but the TopRank team was able to demonstrate their knowledge in a way that was easy to understand but also backed by experience and data. There is no shortage of eagerness to share the knowledge that has been earned from years of digital marketing practice and success.

2 – Eagerness and passion

This bit of advice can apply to any internship or career opportunity, but at TopRank everyone is eager and passionate about digital marketing. That passion is infectious and spreads quickly across the team, which makes working together much more effective. Because there is an abundance of passion, we all help each other to ensure the best client deliverables and experience.

3 – Optimization is important

While some people believe SEO may be dead, or dying, optimization of content is still a critical piece of the complete marketing puzzle with TopRank Marketing consulting services. TopRank offers a holistic approach to digital marketing, which means that all of our services, from content marketing to social media to SEO, work synergistically to ensure clients receive optimized outcomes for their goals. Because of that synergy, every piece of content created becomes increasingly important, and in turn, the work I produce as a SEO Copywriting intern results in quantifiable outcomes that are critical to client success.

TopRank is a company filled with passionate thought leaders that all work together in a way that provides clients with the very best service. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot from the smart marketers here, and look forward to continuing my personal growth in a way that allows me to flourish, while helping TopRank.

If you’ve had an internship before, what was the most valuable piece of information you learned? Did you have a great or poor experience?

If you’re interested in advancing your career with a great group of digital marketing professionals, be sure to check out the ToRank job listings page.


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