7 Basic SEO Tips to Improve Search Visbility Where Customers Are Looking

7 SEO TipsMost marketers understand the importance of setting goals, understanding audience and making a plan for improving their search engine visibility. But despite the need for that strategic approach, online marketers are hungry for individual tips and best practices. At TopRank Online Marketing, we understand the need for both and cover the strategy in-depth at Online Marketing Blog.

For tips that you can use right now, here are 7 suggestions that will help you align your content with SEO best practices and help raise your visibility where customers are looking:

  1. Avoid overuse of pronouns like “it”, “they” and “them” in favor of more descriptive keyword phrases where Google is looking for them in page titles, file names, text links between pages, image alt text and in body copy.
  2. Facts tell, stories sell: Figure out why customers buy and create keyword optimized content that tells stories about how and why your products solve customer problems.
  3. Optimize for search & share: Create web pages and media using keywords customers are actually searching for and make social sharing easy with widgets from Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Links are like electricity: Light up useful content on your website by sharing with topically relevant social networks, through blogging and byline articles in industry publications.
  5. Be Google friendly: Have your website audited by a SEO professional to ensure keyword targeting in content, technical friendliness to Googlebot, inbound links and social shares.
  6. Earn a top ranking: Create and promote comprehensive and remarkable information resources on topics of interest to prospects and relevant to your business that earns top ranked positions in search results.
  7. Always be optimizing: Optimization is a continuous process of creating and promoting keyword optimized content on social networks, through industry media and online communities, then monitoring performance through analytics and making refinements.

Following these basic SEO tips will help your website achieve better visibility for what your customers are looking for whether it’s on a search engine, an industry website or through social media and networks.