Arm Treasure Data Builds Thought Leadership in Tough B2B Tech Vertical with Help from Always-On Influencer Content

The marketing technology landscape is massive, and growing with incredible velocity. A 2019 study charted more than 7,000 different martech solutions from a multitude of unique vendors. Needless to say, there’s a lot of competition for attention in this space, so companies operating here must elevate their digital strategies to rise above.

Arm Treasure Data (ATD) provides an enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) that serves as the centralized repository for a company’s 360 degree customer view – allowing for segmentation, activation and analysis. The company enlisted TopRank Marketing to tap our expertise with B2B tech, as well as our record of breaking through in crowded industries with a combination of SEO-driven content and influencer integration.

In partnership, we developed campaigns into an always-on program that delivers continual growth, with traffic and conversions skyrocketing.

Carving Out a Larger Digital Presence

A Google search for the term “martech” returns almost 6 million results. There are no shortcuts or tricks for making a dent in such a fiercely competitive keyword area. We recognized that the best approach for ATD would be to engage some of the most prominent and influential voices in the industry in content co-creation campaigns.

With help from 11 reputable thought leaders in the martech space, we developed an eBook called 5 Martech Trends that Will Define Marketing’s Future.

ARM Case Study Image

To get the most out of this digital resource, and to help ATD position itself as a highly visible thought leader, we devised a robust blog content strategy in tandem. Through research structured around a ‘best answer’ philosophy, we determined that — when it comes to marketing technology and customer data — B2B executives and decision-makers were especially interested in trends, luminaries, and personalization techniques. This helped guide our content direction. Noteworthy posts include:

Program Mix

What began as a short-term, campaign-based engagement quickly developed into a comprehensive ongoing program as Arm Treasure Data saw the powerful results being driven by early efforts.

Influencer-Driven Campaigns

  • Campaign strategy
  • Influencer identification and activation
  • Interactive eBook experience
  • Content promotion

Always-On Content Creation and Promotion

  • Monthly blog planning and production
  • Third-party editorial content
  • Social messaging and imagery across multiple platforms
  • Content repurposing and extension

Always-On Influencer Support

  • Engagement, interviews, and briefings with partner influencers

Integration in Action: Results

With each tactical measure feeding into the others, Arm Treasure Data has rapidly expanded the reach and impact of its thought leadership content. Here’s an example of how strategic, SEO-focused blog posts helped drive the success of their lead-generating eBook.

  • “Martech Leaders: 14 Visionaries to Read & Follow” achieved several key rankings, including a top-75 placement for “martech.” Upon being re-optimized by TopRank Marketing, the post saw a 225% organic traffic lift over the previous period.
  • “2019 Martech Trends: What Marketers Need to Know” appeared on the first page of search results for critical keywords like “martech trends” and “martech trends 2019.” After re-optimization, its organic traffic rose by 144% over the previous period.
  • “Data Driven Personalization : How to Use to it to Drive Sales” landed in the No. 8 SERP position for the coveted keyword “data-driven personalization,” which is a fundamental element of ATD’s business.
  • The three posts above all rank among the five most-trafficked on ATD’s blog in 2019.
  • With cross-linking between these relevant blog posts, and 91% influencer activation, the “5 Martech Trends that Will Define Marketing’s Future” eBook drove 63 downloads with an 11% conversion rate. Of all traffic driven to the resource, 80% were new users.
  • Social engagement has continually increased over time.

Bring Your Strategy Together

This thriving program from Arm Treasure Data is a great example of how disparate tactics, planned and executed in harmonious coordination with an experienced agency partner like TopRank Marketing, can help businesses grow quickly and consistently in even the toughest of B2B verticals.

If your brand is struggling to make inroads in a similarly competitive space, and we’d love to chat about how our integrated B2B Content Marketing services can help you transcend. Contact us today and let’s start planning.