Ask the Marketing Experts: How to Balance A Growing Marketing Mix? Customer Centricity

Ask the Marketing Expert

There are many tactics for marketers to consider ranging from SEO to email marketing, from social media to influencer marketing, from PR to content marketing. What advice can you share that helps marketers prioritize these “must-have” marketing tactics?

Many marketers are suffering from an overload of choices between the latest shiny object marketing tactic, social app or marketing technology platform.

Because the one constant we can count on in the marketing world is that things will change, customer centricity is essential. When it comes to content marketing, it is especially important to focus on the dynamic that occurs when buyers seek information to educate themselves about solutions.

Today’s consumer is empowered with myriad internet connected devices to access information and when brands understand customer preferences for information discovery, consumption and triggers for action, they can focus on the marketing mix that makes the most sense for their customers.

It may be that a company’s ideal customer is particularly keen on discovering new solutions through industry editorial and then figuring out how it works through video and then finally deciding on a solution because of case studies and customer stories.

Another company’s customer might have very different preferences. It’s up to the marketer to figure those preferences out and deliver best answer content solutions that are easy to find, engaging and that inspire action.

Here are three important types of questions to answer about your customers:

1. How do your customers discover solution content? What do they search for? What do they discuss on social media or in forums? What publications do they subscribe to? Who are they influenced by? What ads do they respond to?

2. What content types and topics do they prefer? Are they using a laptop, tablet, phone, voice device or all four? Do they prefer video or whitepapers? Infographics or case studies? Demos or consultation? What topics are your customers interested in?

3. What triggers will motivate action? Not every interaction with your content will convert to a sale, but content should always give the reader something to do next. Inevitably, that next step is to inquire, buy, refer or share.

Content Marketing should help buyers lead themselves to the conclusion that your solution is the best answer for the problem they’re trying to solve.

By understanding the questions buyers have and empathizing with their preferences for information discovery, consumption and action, marketers can create and promote content that effectively attracts, engages and converts.

In this way, companies can narrow their focus on a management portfolio of marketing tactics because it’s the right mix for their customers and not some general list of best practices.

If you would like to explore how to manage your content marketing mix to be more effective and customer centric, visit our Content Marketing Services page or contact us directly for a consultation.