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B2B Magazine Covers Twitter MarketingB2B Magazine Covers Twitter Marketing

Can your marketing message be disseminated in 140 characters or less?

Such is the question answered by Charlotte Woolard’s recent article in B2B Magazine, Twitter Nets Interaction, featuring a contribution by TopRank® Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden – who can be found on Twitter @leeodden.

In the article, Woolard introduces “Twitter Marketing” as a subset of event marketing to readers accustomed to discovering game-changing strategies and tactics in their monthly read.

“Twitter can serve a number of functions for event marketers,” contributes Odden to the article. “It can be used obtain real-time audience feedback during a presentation, promote foot traffic at a trade show booth, or even make a last minute bid to draw attendees to a conference session.”

Due in large part to celebrity mentions by the likes of Stephen Colbert and Hugh Jackman, microblogging site Twitter is enjoying a brushfire of exposure.  “Tweets,” posts shared with a user’s network that are limited to 140 characters or less, are being used top event marketers including Cisco Systems, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard, to enhance existing event marketing efforts.

Twitter Marketing is Here

Event Marketers Enhancing Efforts With Twitter

The key to successful Twitter Marketing, according to Odden, is to focus on sharing information that offers value.  As with any other marketing effort, audiences have been brought up to tune out messaging that is purely and inherently promotional.

Essentially, Twitter should be seen as a conduit for conversation, rather than a conduit for promotion.  Key to any good conversation is to listening to what is being said and providing in-kind responses that sync with and bring value to what’s being discussed.

Odden says, “All of what you do on Twitter should be useful in some way. A good ratio of pointing to 3rd party resources versus your own contnet should be about 90/10”.

Marketers who have adapted to this value driven philosophy are currently experiencing the financial rewards that follow closely behind the development of richer relationships with customers and prospects.  It is this same value driven philosophy that is exercised by Odden and TopRank® Online Marketing on behalf of their clients.

Listening to what it is your customers and prospects are saying, and transparently catering to their needs, is not a new idea.  Neither is the notion that your audience has trained themselves to tune out the overtly promotional.   This is simply the best of traditional marketing.

Twitter simply helps to ensure traditional marketing happens more concisely, more quickly, and more broadly than ever before.

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