How Can I Beat A Competitor Who Is Outperforming My Brand In Digital Marketing Channels?

If you are trying to best a competitor’s success, you should definitely do exactly what they do.  Borrow their site structure, use their keywords and blog about what they blog about.  Then, when they go out of business, you’ll be right there to take over.

Now that you’ve been weakened with sarcasm, it’s time to accept the hard truth.  You may or may not best the success of a competitor that is exponentially farther ahead of you in digital marketing channels.  But one surefire recipe for failure is to try to walk directly in your competitor’s footsteps.

Walking in a competitor’s footsteps, by nature, keeps you perpetually one step behind.  Heading off on your own original path, however, turns you into the leader of a completely new inroad.

For your online marketing efforts, this means developing your unique content communicated in a compelling voice.  If your competitor is posting content about how to host a more successful job fair, take a stand with your own content about how job fairs are outdated.  Then, create an entire line of messaging about how to find better job candidates, instead.

(For those who are truly brave, link back to competitors displaying opinions you disagree with directly from the post.  Competitors that see it may even link back to you and telling readers what horrible ideas you have.  But for that faction of the audience that has always sought a new leader, they may have found a new one in you for life.)

To reiterate, you will likely never find the success your biggest competitor has enjoyed on its own unique path.  But there is always room for more success, and you’ll almost always find it on the path you create.

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