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IML Audience Response Systems
In a recent post to Online Marketing Blog, TopRankĀ® Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden writes, “Focusing content creation efforts solely to serve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes can be limiting. If the only purpose for creating content is for search engine visibility, the publishing web site may improve search traffic but disappoint when it comes to converting that traffic.”

In the blog marketing and content creation case study below, learn how the TopRank team leveraged this philosophy in the design and creation of a blog for audience response system provider IML. By keeping a bullseye-like focus on prospect and customer needs, TopRank has helped IML create an online resource that exists for the primary purpose of supporting overall business objectives.


When organizations look for help in hosting a silent auction or executing a unique fundraising idea, what they are truly looking for is a way to organize everything from bids to donations. The challenge experienced by IML was that its primary target knew the solution they needed, but did not know the product by name.

IML engaged with TopRankĀ® Online Marketing on an online and blog marketing program dedicated to creating benefit-oriented, needs based content to attract its diverse customer base.


Blog content created by TopRank and IML would have a far greater goal than simply achieving higher rankings for product-oriented phrases such as “silent auction technology” and “silent auction management software.” TopRank worked with IML to develop content that spoke beyond product needs, centered on solution-based umbrella phrases including “how to run a silent auction” and “unique fundraising ideas.”

Together, TopRank and IML built a home for this content with the design and launch of the Purple Carpet Event Blog.


In the year since TopRank worked with IML to develop and launch a blog optimized for solution-oriented phrases, the Purple Carpet Event blog has consistently generated traffic for solution-based phrases such as “unique fundraising ideas.”

Additionally, the Purple Carpet Event blog has helped generate:

  • Page one rankings for targeted keyword phrases
  • Targeted referring traffic to the IML corporate website
  • Prospect inquiries via a moderated comments section

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