I Have a Blog and a Newsletter; Should I Keep Both?

For most companies, having both a blog and a newsletter are complimentary options.

Blogs are an excellent source of steady content which can both inform an audience and improve the online visibility of your company. A business can increase the likelihood of future sales by providing information that is valuable to potential customers and serving as a resource.

An email newsletter which is issued on a less frequent basis, most companies choose monthly, can be developed to include a wide range of topics versus a focused blog post. Newsletters keep consumers engaged and informed in a simple manner and many consumers still prefer receiving news to their inbox. The mix of information can highlight both company news as well as industry information that benefits the recipient.

Any well-rounded marketing program should include multiple options and channels of distribution to meet the needs of the end-user. The combination of a blog and newsletter are just one way to connect with your target audience. In addition to those tactics, businesses should be evaluating their audience and consider social media, mobile marketing, advertising and more to create the best mix for their situation.