How Can I Get More Value From Twitter?

Twitter remains a compelling enigma for online marketers.

In a post to Online Marketing Blog, copywriter Michelle Bowles equated the delicate balance needed in a Twitter Marketing Recipe to that of a guacamole recipe where one false dash could destroy the whole dip.

Michelle’s advice to marketers seeking to receive more value from Twitter can be boiled down to two words:  be valuable. While this may read as very ‘in the box’ advice, the approach you take is what will carry your marketing efforts out of the box.

For example, when brainstorming ideas for valuable content to Tweet, does your mind automatically jump to valuable content that is available on your website?

In reality, some of the best Twitter strategies involve delivering content valuable to an audience of followers (i.e., industry whitepapers, news and headlines), unrelated to the company behind the Tweet.  This is a great way to build the trust you need to ensure followers click through your Tweets when you do have that great piece of content worth promoting.

Also, don’t look at Twitter as a one-way channel to broadcast your message.  The best Twitter strategies involve multi-directional communication with followers.  In other words, don’t just Tweet – Retweet, especially when you see a Tweet that you think your audience will find valuable. Respond, especially when it relates to your industry, and engage by posing relevant, thoughtful questions to your followers.

In the end, remember this: Twitter is a social channel, not a promotional channel.  As part of your strategy, can these definitions be interchangeable?  Sure.  Can these definitions be reversed?  When we find a successful example, we’ll let you know.

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