Building the Business Value of Social Media Marketing

If you weren’t one of the 300 or so digital marketers attending the SES Hong Kong conference this week, then you missed out on a great mix of search and social media content, networking and social events. Incisive Media’s Mike Grehan asked me to present at the all new SES Hong Kong conference on social media and a little bit of deliberation, I signed on.

The digital marketing scene in Hong Kong is growing rapidly even though there is a sense of conservatism when it comes to marketing. The SES Hong Kong conference showcased best practices, case studies and discussion from a mix of accomplished online marketers from the region like Adrian Toy from Bausch & Lomb, Eden Lau from Brandtology and Jonathan Liu from Moonlight Marketing.

There was a sampling of outside expertise as well including a great keynote from Avinash Kaushik of Google plus presentations from the likes of: Crispin Sheridan from SAP, Bill Hunt from Back Azimuth, Brent D. Payne from Tribune Companies, Mel Carson from Microsoft andAaron Kahlow from Online Marketing Connect.

My session was focused on Social Media Marketing and SEO (of course!) called, The Business Value of Social Media. It centered on the principles of Listening, Unlocking the Revenue Potential of Social Media and How to Measure ROI.

While TopRank Online Marketing does not operate in the Asia Pacific Region, we do help international companies penetrate North American markets via SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing services. This presentation offered a few Hong Kong based social media statistics and examples of what U.S. companies are doing in the areas of listening, generating new business and measurement.

Check it out and let me know what questions you have in the comments.

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