BusinessWeek: TopRank on Basics of SEO

As appealing as it may seem, there is no silver bullet for web sites that aspire to improve their organic search engine rankings and traffic. Search engine optimization is a combination of technical and creative skills that need to work together in order to provide both searchers and search engines what they need.

TopRank’s recent article on the “Basics of Improving Search Engine Rankings” was published on offering business owners sage advice to start with the basics:

“Despite all the changes that have happened in the search engine world over the past year from the introduction of Universal and personalized search to social search and dynamic keyword suggestions, the core of SEO is based on the fact that keywords and links make the search engine world go ’round.”

The article covers the importance of ensuring search engine bots can find all the content on a web site, developing keyword lists and where to use them, marketing web site content and analytics. Read the full article on

TopRank provides Fortune 1000 companies holistic internet marketing services including search engine optimization, email marketing and business blog consulting.

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