Case Study: Social Media Marketing

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Many companies, large and small, are struggling to discover the best way to begin social media marketing efforts. This case study features a small business social media marketing effort with TopRank Online Marketing and online games site, Smartkit.

Situation: is a website dedicated to providing readers with intriguing content, puzzles and games that engage and exercise the brain. Founded by a board-certified neurologist, Smartkit’s goal is to help its readers have fun while exercising their brains. The business model of the web site is based on advertising and game sales.

Shortly after the website launched in the summer of 2006, Smartkit engaged TopRank Marketing to increase awareness, build search engine traffic and provide blog strategy consulting.


To help increase visibility for Smartkit within the search engines and to increase monthly visitors to the website, TopRank Marketing’s first step was to develop and search marketing and blogging strategy.

TopRank Marketing conducted a code and template analysis of the site, keyword glossary research, and made recommendations for content optimization to include optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and on-page copy. TopRank’s Blog Marketing Consultants created and optimized a new site design for Smartkit that emphasizes its focus on providing the audience with new and entertaining online puzzles.

In addition to a search marketing program, TopRank Marketing has worked with Smartkit to develop a social media marketing strategy in order to build brand awareness, attract traffic and links through a combination of social network participation, submissions to blog & RSS directories and engagement with other online game web sites.


As a result of TopRank Marketing’s SEO and social media marketing efforts, more than 40% of the site’s overall traffic comes from the search engines while over 30% of the traffic comes from Smartkit’s online game social network participation and promotional marketing channels. Since starting work with TopRank Marketing in June of 2006, unique visitors have grown by 4,400%!

Smartkit continues to develop intriguing and fresh content to engage visitors and keeps them coming back for more. Because of an emphasis on fresh content and promotion, Smartkit averages over 300,000 page views each month.

“I just wanted to take some time and tell you how pleased I am with the outstanding job you’ve done marketing and growing the Smart Kit website. In under 2 years time, the site has reached close to 150,000 unique visitors/month, and I don’t think this would’ve been possible without your help. Your team’s passion, expertise and attention to detail has been instrumental in not only exponentially growing site traffic, but also in building a brand, and furthermore creating & maintaining a technically advanced, attractive, and “sticky” website that has run almost flawlessly from day one. As you know, this is no small feat.  My deepest thanks to you and the entire TopRank Team.”
R. Kaplan, Smartkit

TopRank Online Marketing continues to provide Smartkit search engine optimization, link building and social media marketing services for improved internet marketing performance.

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