3 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business

One of the most common forms of online marketing for small businesses is to have a website. The problem is, with today’s increasingly social and mobile web, a web site just isn’t enough. To help website owners take full advantage of the most important online marketing opportunities, here are 3 things small businesses can do to […]

What’s the Best Way to Start Marketing with Video?

When companies see the publicity of viral videos like Evian roller babies for consumers or BtoB successes like Cisco’s The Future of Shopping, they often get the urge to jump in to the video marketing game themselves. But where to start? We get asked this kind of question a lot at TopRank and the ideal situation […]

5 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business

Many small business owners have had their websites up and running for a long time.  More recently though, small business owners are starting to revisit their websites and ask, “What has my website done for my business lately?”  For many the answer is “not much” and that’s because they really haven’t done much to keep […]

Boost Corporate Blog Marketing with Social SEO

So many business blogs suffer from tactical execution without understanding the power of search engine optimization and social media for attracting traffic and engaging customers. The following presentation outlines how TopRank Online Marketing worked with it’s own blog Online Marketing Blog and with a B2B marketing client to  achieve phenomenal increases in reach, traffic and a positive […]

Beginner’s Guide: 3 Steps to SEO for Public Relations

SEO helps a search engine to do its job more effectively and Public Relations can increase the reach and influence of the brands they promote by optimizing news. Recently the good folks at Vocus interviewed TopRank  Online Marketing’s CEO on the basics of search engine optimization for public relations. The following post comes from the […]

64 Plus Books on Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

Even though there is some criticism of the timeliness retained with books on fast-changing topics like search engine optimization and social media marketing, books continue to remain popular sources of information and insight for marketers.  Questions about recommended books on both topics, especially social media, continue to be popular on QA sites, forums and sites […]

6 Free Keyword Research Tools

Many marketers are on a budget and keyword research is an essential part of search marketing. How can you find out what keywords your customers are searching for so you can optimize your website? Here are 6 free keyword research tools that you can use to do just that.  The Google tools are actually all-free. […]

Real Time SEO: Three Types Of Content To Take Advantage

Following the birth of real time search, the proclivity of search engines to prioritize rankings based on new, newsworthy and social content, is real time Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So what type of content can businesses develop to take advantage of real time search?  Below, find three types of content TopRank® Online Marketing helps develop […]

Social Media Optimization Case Studies & Tips

Optimizing social media for search engines, presents a tremendous opportunity to grow social networks and build traffic to content that allows visitors to consumer, engage and share. TopRank Online Marketing has been “practicing what we preach” in the area of social media optimization and before that, blog SEO and social news/bookmarking for about 5 years […]

Video: How to Optimize News Content for Search

If you know TopRank, you know we talk a lot about news optimization and leveraging Public Relations for SEO and Search Engine Optimization for PR goals. Online PR has been a core service offering of our agency for over 8 years. There aren’t many authorities in this area and recently, Maile Ohye from Google began […]