Content Marketing Fitness – How to Integrate, Optimize and Activate B2B Marketing #mpb2b

Content Marketing Fitness Animation

eMarketer has reported that B2B decision makers’ top issues with marketing content reveal that marketers are clearly “out of shape” when it comes to a focus on what’s most important. The top issues shared by B2B decision makers were that content is too fluffy (50%), not relevant (47%), not personalized (34%), misleading (29%), behind a form (28%) or hard to find (24%).

For the marketers behind this sluggish marketing performance, a quick look in the mirror makes it easy to see why: Bad habit strategy, low metabolism execution, overly processed tactics and sugar high shiny object software that doesn’t get used properly if at all.

What’s the solution? What better way to get back on track when your marketing is out of shape than with some good old marketing fitness.

When viewing fitness transformation as a metaphor for marketing transformation, there are two very important lessons:

  1. Content Marketing, like fitness, is a journey not a destination. I optimized myself with a better diet and regular exercise, not as a goal, but as change to my overall way of life. Improving content marketing performance requires an ongoing, always-on marketing commitment, not sugar-high campaigns with hopes of “going viral”.
  2. A physical transformation and a marketing transformation have numerous parallels. Whether it’s setting goals, monitoring performance, being consistent or managing inputs and outputs, there are many marketing lessons learned through fitness as a metaphor.

To that end, here is an all new content marketing infographic featuring 10 core marketing exercises to get you focused on the fundamentals so that you can better integrate, optimize and activate your content for success. Just like we do with content marketing at TopRank Marketing!

Content Marketing Fitness Infographic

Download a PDF version of this infographic here.

If you really want to optimize the health and performance of your marketing content, be sure to attend the MarketingProfs B2B Forum October 16-18, 2019 in Washington D.C..  There, I will be presenting Content Marketing Fitness – 10 Exercises to Build Your Marketing Beach Body on October 17th at 11am including tips that are sure to get you in shape for your 2020 marketing planning.

A version of this post, Content Marketing Fitness: Are You Ready to Integrate, Optimize and Activate?, was first published on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.