How Can I Help My Online Content Get Shared?

At its core, the answer to this content marketing question lies within social etiquette.

For instance, the key to ensuring a group of people listen to what you have to say at a party – or to later share what you’ve said with their other groups of friends – is to say something that they will find engaging and valuable.  And the key to determining what  others will find engaging and valuable is to listen to what they are saying – in regards to both topic and tone.

In much the same way, the secret to getting your content listened to and shared online is to key in to what your target audience is saying.  And, again, this means listening.

Prior to developing your content, listen to the dialogues happening in the social networks you are curating – or the social networks you are trying to penetrate.  Sync the content you create, and the tone you use, with these dialogues.  In some cases, the content you create can even be a direct response to a question provided by another member of the group.

Fundamentally, we listen to and share the content that we find most valuable.  Create content that speaks to the value being sought by your target audience – and there will be much greater likelihood of your content being shared.