Three Conversion Optimization Tips You Can Implement Today, Benefit From Tomorrow

Conversion Optimization Means Getting To The PointSimply put, there is no shortage of conversion optimization strategies or tactics you can deploy on your site that will result in significant and long-term bottom-line impact.  And like all the best things in life, the results you see will be derived in equal measure from the blood, sweat and tears – and time – you put into conversion optimization efforts.

But online marketing moves fast.  Will it really take years to see even a hint of results?  Of course not.  There is always low hanging fruit.  The three conversion optimization tips we offer below are not short-cuts, but rather, opportunities for quick wins.

Get started on these today –  and contact us for a deeper conversion optimization discussion tomorrow:

1.     Get To The Point: The term elevator pitch has grown into cliché for good reason.  It does not matter whether the pitch is verbal, written or telekinetically generated – the average person, your average customer, does not want to hear you drone on about your product.

Take a moment to go look at what you consider to be either a strong, or hurting, conversion page on your site.  If you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly say that the average person can scan and understand the copy in less than a minute, congratulations.  Now go and cut that copy down by 25%.  Otherwise, cut it by 50%.

2.     Reduce The Number of Fields On Your Forms:  Imagine every field on your form is another pause where your customer has the opportunity to really think about whether they need your product.  This holds true whether you’re selling big data software or barbeque sauce.

So should you ask for only the bare minimum of information every time?  No. You should ask for the bare minimum of information, that your company truly needs.  Justify your form fields – don’t just trust a template.

3.     Write Copy That Knows The Difference Between You and ‘You’:  It’s never about you, the company. It is always about ‘you,’ the prospect or customer.  Do a quick audit.  Does your landing page talk about all the experience you have as a software developer, or how this experience benefits ‘you,’ the prospect?  Think about this last one carefully.  As it’s never easy to get out of ‘your’ own head.

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