Digital Publishing & Advertising Conference: TopRank Provides Digital Asset Optimization Tips

On October 28th, TopRank Sr Account Manager Jolina Pettice will join a panel which aims to help digital publishers and advertisers better optimize and promote digital assets.

The panel, as part of theĀ  Digital Publishing & Advertising Conference II, is entitled:
Publisher Track: SEO: Is Finding Your Inner DAO the Answer?

Digital Asset Optimization ensures that search engines pick up all of your content: videos, animation, podcasts, message boards, maps, images, and other non-text based files. Every search engine now offers media specific searching for users. So how can you apply Digital Asset Optimization to gain an increased presence and drive more traffic to your digital content? What do you need to know about getting the most from your DAO? If you want to channel your inner DAO, this session will help you find it.

The panel includes:
Moderator: Noah Elkin, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Steak

Ron Belanger, Vice President, Agency Development, Yahoo!
Anne F. Kennedy, Managing Partner, Beyond Ink
Jolina Pettice, Senior Account Manager, TopRank Online Marketing

Event Details:
Digital Publishing & Advertising Conference
Oct 27-28, 2008
New York, NY

TopRank Online Marketing provides internet marketing services for Fortune 500 companies with specialties in digital asset optimization, social media, SEO and digital public relations.

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