Direct News UK: SEO For More Than Sales


A blog entry by TopRank’s CEO Lee Odden on how companies can lower customer support costs by optimizing product manuals, frequently asked questions and knowledge base resources online with search engine optimization was cited by UK based Direct News:

Industry commentator Lee Odden, writing for his Online Marketing Blog, notes there are a number of benefits to SEO outside of boosting sales.

As well as raising credibility, ensuring a website is visible within search engines encourages journalistic interest from reporters conducting research, he states.

Furthermore, it is a pro-active tool for managing online reputations, Mr Odden continues.

“Add the improved PR and lead/sales generation benefits on top of that and it’s easier to see why optimising and promoting website content should be a key component of any online marketing programme,” the search marketer adds.

Read the full article on Direct News and the original blog post, “When SEO Isn’t For Increasing Sales“.

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