Double the Organic Traffic. 68% More Conversions. Keeping it Cool.


Ray N. Welter Heating provides HVAC, heating and air conditioning services for the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. The company prides itself on localized service, and seeks to portray themselves as HVAC experts in the Twin Cities market.


To increase search engine visibility for their online properties, Welter Heating partnered with TopRank Marketing to:

  • Provide convenient access links to highly relevant content with an engaging CTA
  • Increases the likelihood of users engaging with content after arriving from search
  • Inspire gated downloads of anchor content


  • Create a strategic internal linking network with engaging CTAs across related blog posts and related service pages to guide users down the funnel
  • CTR optimization using a competitive analysis from the SERPs
  • Optimize H1-H6 headings for user-friendly experiences.


Welter achieved their all-time highest amount of organic traffic and organic conversions for their peak sales period:

Welter Campaign Results

  • Air Conditioning Season (April – July): 98% increase YOY in organic traffic, 68% increase YOY in organic conversions
  • June: 35% increase YOY in organic traffic, 33% increase YOY in conversions
  • July: 24% increase YOY in organic traffic, 60% increase YOY in conversions

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