Case Study: Email Campaigns, Influencer Outreach and Social Amplification Increased Sales, Transactions and Visits


Current Situation:

Family owned and operated for over 86 years, Leaflet Missal is a Catholic book and gift store located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Along with its brick and mortar location, Leaflet Missal has a premier eCommerce destination website for Catholic gifts, including books, jewelry, gifts, statues and more.

Leaflet Missal’s standing content marketing strategy – blog posts via the Religious Article section of the website — was generating limited amounts of sales, traffic and visibility compared to resources allocated and other tactics.

Leaflet Missal reached out to TopRank to create a new content marketing strategy that would help increase sales via its website and increase KPIs, such as traffic to the site and social amplification.

TopRank Solution:

In order to increase visibility, traffic and sales, TopRank identified a refined content strategy — based on the competitive landscape and current high impact tactics — that focused on one larger content asset: Seasonal Gift Guides.

TopRank created a Holiday Gift Guide, focusing on Advent and Christmas that consisted of three components: a home page, product category pages and resource content section. Each individual component was optimized for high-volume search terms to increase visibility and traffic.

TopRank then promoted the Gift Guide through three digital marketing strategies:

  • Email Campaigns — Three campaigns were sent to promote the Gift Guide’s landing page.
  • Influencer Outreach – This outreach consisted of engagement with key, socially active Catholic influencers and creation of influencer-heavy blog pieces for re-promotion.
  • Social Amplification — Highly visual messages were posted to promote the landing page, gift category pages and blog content.

Marketing Results:

By creating a refined content strategy that included email campaigns, influencer outreach and social amplification, TopRank helped increase sales, transactions and visits within a two month period during the holiday season. Specific performance metrics include:

  • 11% increase in sales during the peak holiday shopping period
  • 8% of total sales driven by gift guide
  • 2.3% increase of transactions year over year
  • 45% increase in website visits year over year

Beyond helping to increase sales, transactions and visibility, TopRank continues to work with Leaflet Missal to provide content creation, social messaging amplification and content optimization services for better search visibility.

Do you want to learn more about creating a refined content strategy? Contact TopRank® Online Marketing today.

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