Ask An Expert: Can You Win the Online Marketing Race Without Content Marketing?

When should you start with Content Marketing?  Today’s online marketing is a race where the stakes are high, competition is tough and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to create a sustainable, competitive advantage. Consider these questions to help you answer, “When Content Marketing is right?” for you:

  • What’s the right time to understand who your best customers are? Who are your “worst” customers?
  • When is it a good time to know what your prospects and customers care about and why they buy?
  • What triggers your prospects to discover, consume and engage with content that inspires sales, social shares and referrals?
  • Does having no content plan really mean you’re planning to fail?
  • If you don’t tie your SEO, Social Media and Online Public Relations efforts together in a way that’s “manageable” and efficient now, will you wait until your competition does?
  • When will you need a community of supporters to help promote your content, provide you with new content and serve as an on-demand focus group?
  • When is it a good time to create more efficient and effective means for journalists and the media to use your content in their news stories?
  • When is the right time to measure which content messages are working, which are not and to gain actionable insights that will improve overall marketing and PR performance?

The questions above get at some of the core principles and benefits of content marketing. Online marketers rely on channels like email, online PR, search and social media to generate awareness, leads and sales. Content is at the core of all those means of communication and without a plan that coordinates content planning, creation, optimization, social promotion and measurement, companies are simply guessing and getting lucky with their current online marketing efforts.

Without planned content designed to attract, engage and inspire action with prospects, customers and industry influentials, companies may find themselves looking in the tail lights of their competitors in the distance. Why wait to start the race when you can get a head start with Content Marketing today?