Case Study: Leading Genealogy Research Provider Increases Target Conversion Page Views by 5,509 in 2 Weeks

geneologyCurrent Situation:

TopRank partnered with a leading online genealogy research provider to increase awareness of its strategic genealogy campaigns. While its core website received significant traffic, the client wanted to find a way to drive more relevant, qualified traffic to target pages on the site.

Without the ability to edit any pages on the website directly, TopRank developed a campaign leveraging influencer relations and blog marketing.

TopRank Marketing Solution:

In order to drive traffic to a key top-of-funnel page of the genealogy website, the TopRank team developed a campaign to leverage the popular RootsTech genealogy event counting over 20,000 attendees.

With a large and qualified audience within reach, TopRank created a content and social amplification campaign which included:

  • Thought leader outreach to contribute to pre-event content
  • Social message development to encourage immediate amplification of a blog post by influencers and the client across social channels
  • Cross promotion of influencers within social messages to increase audience reach
  • Developing a blog post that leveraged influencers and their tips on how best to accomplish a genealogy project

Marketing Results:

By working with influencers to promote the influencer blog post, TopRank helped dramatically increase page views for both the target page and blog post, garnering a social reach of over half a million in just two weeks:

  • 5,509 page views of target page in two weeks
  • 8,000 page views of the blog post, 2X the average
  • Social reach of 602,310 on Twitter
Case StudyCase Study 2

TopRank continues to work with this client to promote important genealogy campaigns for increased audience reach, drive traffic, and strengthen the visibility of important pages on major search engines.

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Client testimonial: “I love working with the team at TopRank Marketing. They do great work and make my job so much easier. It’s always a pleasure to work with TopRank.”

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