How Can I Get Bloggers Buzzing About My Business?

According to last year’s State of the Blogosphere report by Technorati, approximately 346 million people worldwide read blogs.  According to the same report, more than four in five bloggers post product or brand reviews and blog about brands they love or hate.  In other words – bloggers have influence about brands and they aren’t afraid to use it.

Bloggers are the world’s connectors that help businesses, products or idea reach a tipping point, or level at which momentum becomes unstoppable.  These connectors are the people who “link us up with the world” and have influential social networks.  Clearly this is an important group for spreading ideas online and connecting end users with your business.

But how to get bloggers, or the connectors of the world buzzing?  There are many ways, and today we will share two effective approaches:

1)  Viral blog outreach

Have a desire to reach a large amount of bloggers and get a big group of people talking?  Develop a plan to permeate a niche and rally together a group of bloggers who have something in common.  Viral blog outreach is exceedingly effective, as bloggers naturally talk to each other as an organic part of blogging.  Good ideas don’t stay secrets long.  The key here is to have your viral outreach play into a larger strategy to build on over time – say funneling those bloggers to subscribe to your own content and help build a thriving community supporting your brand.

2)  Pull PR

Pull PR is a more surgical approach, and useful when trying to engage specific, influential bloggers.  The idea of pull PR is to bring users to your information, as opposed to bringing information to users.  This is possible by using inbound strategies designed to attract target influencers directly to you – like a moth to a flame.  Defining who those people are is step one, followed by a strategy to engage and inspire them to take a desired action.  The value long-term is to connect and forge relationships with these key people.  If they can be converted to brand advocates they will provide returns for your business over long periods of time in the form of increasing your digital share of voice.

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