Good Riddance to Content Keywords


According to a recent blog post by John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, Google has just removed one of the earliest tools included in Google Search Console: Content Keywords.

Why has this feature disappeared?

At the start of Google Search Console, the Content Keywords tool was the “only way to see what Googlebot found when it crawled a website.” In other words, this feature acted as a way for marketers to get a general idea of what themes or topics Googlebot identified when it crawled a site and through that, identify how well Googlebot was able to crawl different pages on your website.

According to Mueller, “users were often confused about the keywords listed in content keywords”, and given the alternatives we currently have available, it only makes sense to retire this outdated feature.

Image Credit: Yoast

Image Credit: Yoast

Better alternatives to content keywords

In order to get an understanding of how well Googlebot is able to crawl your content and to get an idea of the general themes or topics Googlebot has indexed to your website, here are a few alternatives that work better than the Content Keywords feature.

Fetch as Google

You can use the Fetch as Google tool to see how Google crawls or renders a URL on your site in order to see whether Googlebot can access a page on your site, how it renders the page, and whether any specific content on the page is blocked to Googlebot.

Search Analytics: Google Search Console

Using Search Analytics in Google Search Console, you can see the keywords that produce the most visibility in search for your content in terms of average rank position and impressions. To get an idea of the themes or topics that Google has indexed to your entire website or for specific pages, it’s as easy as exporting to an excel sheet and using a filter to identify the recurrent themes across keywords where you receive the most search visibility.