Google+ Gets A Redesign: What You Need To Know

The New Google+

Last month, Google announced a major redesign of their social network, Google+. The update is the latest in a number of changes for Google’s struggling social network, and brings with it hope that a new focus can help make Google+ a place that more spend their social time.

To make the most of the Google+ redesign, here’s what has changed and how you can get the most from the new Google+.

What’s New In Google+

The update to Google+ doesn’t bring much in the way of new features, but rather a renewed focus on a couple of the features that have been the most active within the social site.

Google+ now puts a big focus in two areas. Communities and Collections. Communities have been growing an average of 1.2 million new joins a day, and Collections are growing even faster, according to Google.

The new focus on these two areas puts them front-and-center on the site. The standard timeline-style news feed remains, but Collections and Communities have been highlighted with two large buttons on the left when visiting via desktop, and two large buttons at the bottom of the mobile app. These changes are made in hopes of sparking more discussion and activity within Google+.

Google also looks to create a more unified experience across all platforms with the redesign. New Android and iOS apps have been released, that look to give users a similar experience, no matter where you access the site.

What’s Gone?

The increased focus on Collections and Communities also means that they’ve put less focus elsewhere.

Circles are still around but they’re not less accessible than before. Google+ no longer looks to have people spend time organizing their friends and connections by sorting through circles, although you can still use them for content distribution as before.

Profiles have also seen some features cut with the redesign. Much of the previous user information is gone, such as the ability to link to your other social profiles, websites, and other information.

What These Changes Mean To You

The update to Google+ may mean a resurgence in the social site. By putting a new focus on the most active areas, and cutting away the less useful, Google hopes to bring people back to their site and promote more sharing and discussion.

Now is a great time for brands and marketers to return to test the waters on Google+.

Communities offer a wonderful place to engage in sharing and discussion with passionate audiences across all types of topics. The Google+ Communities crowd may be smaller than on other social sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, but the smaller crowd tends to be more engaged.

Collections offer a Pinterest-style way of organizing content around a particular topic. With the explosive growth of this feature on Google+, it’s a great place to create collections that highlight much of the wonderful work you’re doing, and give people an easy way to follow along.

Dive Into The Redesign

The changes made to Google+ hope to spur more activity on the social network. The new focus on two key areas are a reminder that the site still has many active users engaging in many ways.

The redesign is a great opportunity for those that haven’t been active on Google+, to take another look. Take Communities and Collections for another spin and see what they can do for you. You’re likely to find a vibrant and active place to add to your social media promotion strategy.