How a Customer Centric Approach Can Help You Reach New Audiences

innovatechCurrent Situation:

Innovatech Labs is a materials testing lab based in Plymouth, MN that offers a broad range of analytical techniques, all available with rapid turnaround times, including FTIR, GC/MS, ESCA and IC analysis.


Innovatech Labs wished to increase qualified “Contact Us” submissions and search engine traffic to their website by expanding their reach to a new, relevant target audience.

Innovatech Labs has traditionally maintained strong organic visibility for specific testing technique keywords like GC/MS testing and FTIR analysis, which drive relevant traffic to the site. However, they lacked a strong presence for keywords related to pain points, like product failure and micro contamination, which are more likely to be searched for by product engineers and quality control teams who are unaware of the testing technique which may be used for their application.

The objective of this initiative was to widen keyword reach to meet demand of additional target audiences and drive qualified leads.


TopRank Marketing currently partners with Innovatech Labs on organic search and content efforts. Following keyword, competitive and persona discovery and research, TopRank identified the potential to broaden search strategy to reach new target audience. TopRank recommended developing a new section of the website targeting services and industries. The website content honed in on answering questions for professionals looking for solutions to common problems like quality failure and product cleanliness.

Tactics included:

  • Keyword research focused on how target personas discover content
  • Website content creation focused on middle of the funnel problem solving keywords
  • Supporting, early in the funnel blog content to build awareness and keyword relevancy
  • Amplification of blog and website content via search and social channels


New industry and services content launched in May 2015. Since launch this content has generated:

  • 28% of new Contact Us submissions
  • 46% increase in overall web traffic
  • 20% increase in organic search traffic