How to Engage Influencers to Create & Promote Evergreen Content

himssCurrent Situation:

In early 2015, a leading healthcare technology company was preparing for one of the largest annual industry event run by Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS). The company’s objective in attending the show was to generate leads among potential C-Suite buyers and raise awareness for its software solutions.

This company hired TopRank Marketing to create a strategic digital marketing campaign that would both accomplish event-related objectives and continue to generate awareness long-term.

TopRank Marketing Solution:

In order to create awareness at the event and benefit from the campaign long-term, the TopRank Marketing team developed an evergreen eBook featuring influencer-driven content that was launched the week of the event.

The eBook included healthcare experts’ responses to four main topics relevant in the healthcare industry: cost of ownership, workflow, compliance and transition to value-based care. These influencers were identified in two ways:

  • Experts who were socially active and discussed relevant topics in the health care industry.
  • Existing influencers that the company already had a relationship with.

TopRank also developed promotional tactics for the eBook that included:

  • Gated landing page of eBook on company website.
  • Ungated SlideShare of partial eBook that prompted users to download the full version.
  • Optimization for search.
  • Influencer amplification via Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Paid social amplification via LinkedIn.
  • Owned social amplification via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Content published on the company’s blog.
  • Banner advertisement about the eBook on the company’s blog.

Marketing Results:

By creating an evergreen eBook that focused on influencer-driven content, TopRank Marketing helped increase traffic, leads and awareness:

  • 182 eBook downloads
  • 3003 Slideshare views
  • 1752 visits to landing page
  • 319 social referral traffic to landing page
  • 66% rate of influencer amplification to their own social channels

TopRank continues to work with this company to provide Search Engine Optimization consulting services and content creation for better organic search visibility.

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