B2B Influencer Marketing Pro @LeeOdden Keynotes #InfluencerDays NYC

Lee Odden Keynote Speaker

According to an industry study published by Altimeter, 55% of marketers plan to increase budgets for influencer marketing and of those who use technology to manage programs, that number goes up to 77%.

There’s plenty of optimism around influencer marketing. Theres also an increasing abundance of unfounded and opportunistic advice. Many smart B2B marketers accustomed to demand and lead generation programs involving content, SEO, ads, email and social simply don’t fully understand where influencers fit in the mix.

The good news is, there’s a highly credible strategist and practitioner to learn from.

Recently ranked by Onalytica as the #1 influencer marketing influencer, TopRank Marketing CEO, Lee Odden, will be in New York to keynote the Influencer Marketing Days conference: B2B Influencer Marketing: Top Trends, Examples & Opportunities

Leading a team that has worked with many top B2B brands on content and influencer marketing programs including Dell, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, LinkedIn and BMC Software, Odden is one of the most respected voices on the topic of B2B influencer and content marketing.

Here are the event details:

Sept 26 NYC Influencer Marketing Days #InfluencerDays
10am – TKP New York Conference Center, 109 West 39th Street, New York
Empire Ballroom AB

B2B Influencer Marketing: Top Trends, Examples & Opportunities
Think of the last time you made a decision to buy a business product or service. What were the major influences on that decision? B2B buyers do research, create specifications and might even form a committee. Without realizing it, most are influenced by peers, industry experts and others who they trust.

But how can B2B brands make an intentional effort to collaborate with the right influencers in a way that is genuine and believable to their buyers?

In this keynote presentation you hear the results of recent research on enterprise influencer marketing from Altimeter, TopRank Marketing and Traackr outlining key trends, goals, budgets and best practices. You will also hear how enterprise level B2B marketers like Dell, SAP and Oracle are incorporating broad and niche influencers to scale quality content that attracts, engages and converts more buyers.

Key learnings from this keynote presentation include:

– What influencer marketing actually means for B2B companies
– How B2B marketers can catch up to and surpass B2C influencer marketing trends
– How to integrate influence into an optimized, socialized and publicized content marketing mix
– Essential goals and measurement strategy for influencer driven content programs

Of course, if you’re not in New York you can see Lee present on influencer marketing at several other events in Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco or Milan.

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