Infographic – How to Spark Joy with Your Audience Through Content Marketing

Spark Audience Joy Content Marketing

Best-selling author, tidying expert, and star of a massively successful Netflix show, Marie Kondo, is really on to something. Her simple yet effective tidying method is brilliant, but what it stands for is what’s truly inspiring.

All over the world, people are asking themselves a simple yet powerful question: Does it spark joy?

But be honest, B2B marketers: When’s the last time you stopped to consider whether your marketing efforts were sparking joy for your audience? (Was it before, during, or after you dropped your latest white paper?)

Joy is a powerful emotion—it signals happiness, triumph, and exuberance. And in a time where delivering amazing, personalized experiences to our buyers is the new bar, we need to commit to delighting our audience throughout their journey. When we do this, we not only give them what they want and need, but we can also build a stronger connection with our brands.

So, what does it take to spark joy? How do you delight your buyers throughout their journey? Here is an infographic inspired by Annie Leuman’s post that includes a few top tips and considerations.

infographic joy content marketing

Download the full infographic as a pdf here.

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