Lee Odden to Keynote at the Communicators Conference – Portland, OR


Did you know, TopRank Online Marketing started out as a public relations firm in 2001 called Misukanis & Rodgers? That’s right, we’ve evolved in many ways since then, but we’ve also been involved in many ways with the worlds of marketing and public relations – for a very long time.

It may have seemed an anomaly in 2001 to combine marketing tactics with media relations engagements, but today it is that convergence that is helping to define the future of modern digital communications roles.  We live in an age where brands and consumers are both publishers and participants in the always on and ever evolving web of information that drives business.

News travels at the speed of Twitter from  the people on the ground to the people on the web, bypassing traditional media and communications completely. At the same time savvy publications are increasing online readership and finding new ways to monetize content.   Many companies have realized that, “To get in the media, you need to become the media”.  Those investments in news and content create direct connections to publics, communities, customers, investors, employees and the media.

Communications channels are converging and so should we. The very same channels that spread unfiltered news and information to the insatiable social web are also the platforms brands are using to connect with consumers.  There’s a convergence of disciplines occurring with Marketing and Public Relations and as our agency began to evolve over 10 years ago into an integrated and converged model, so too must communicators that wish to capitalize on the emerging consumer trend and innovations in social technology. 

How do we do that? How do we get marketing and PR in the same room and working together?  Well, that’s the topic I’ll be discussing during a luncheon keynote at the Communicators Conference in Portland Oregon next week.  This event is a joint venture between the IABC and the PRSA and boasts being the largest communications event in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are the details of my presentation:

May 8, 2013 – 12:15 pm

Digital Convergence – The Integration of Marketing & PR
The trend towards convergence of marketing and public relations is upon us. With combined strategies, marketers can deliver more meaningful marketing performance in a social and content centric world. PR and communications professionals can embrace the measurable impact delivered by marketing best practices for achieving influence and brand visibility. This presentation will offer attendees a peek into the converged world of marketing and PR, who’s doing it right and a model for making the transition to deliver more powerful business results.

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the event (unless it’s sold out).

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