Integrated Digital Marketing: Learn How to Be the Best Answer for Your Customers From Lee Odden


Today’s customers are savvier than ever before. These savvy and educated customers provide marketers with a unique (and sometimes challenging) opportunity to evolve their approach to digital marketing. Some people will tell you “Only focus on SEO.”, “Content Marketing is what you need to do.” or “Social is the most effective tool.”. Each of these approaches is flawed. Why? A successful and customer centric approach to digital marketing is integrated and comprised of all of these different elements.

You may have heard rumors that search is dead, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It has merely evolved into a more customer centric approach to helping your brand be the best answer.

However, even today only 14% of marketers say customer centricity is ranked high within their organization and only 11% percent say that their customers would say customer centricity is ranked high within their organization.

Learn How to Be the Best Answer For Your Customers

Lee OddenOn Tuesday September 2, TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden will be delivering the closing keynote at the SLCSEM Digital Marketing Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. In this session attendees will be served up a hearty helping of actionable digital marketing integration best practices and examples. What can marketers expect to learn?

Be the Best Answer: The Strategic Roles of Content, Social & SEO in an Integrated Marketing Program

Even though there’s a shift in digital marketing from an emphasis on search results to focusing on customers, it doesn’t mean search isn’t important. The modern customer’s journey extends across channels and devices, so it takes an integrated approach to truly stand out and inspire customer action. In this presentation, Lee Odden will help attendees understand:

– The top digital marketing priorities based on a new survey of brand marketers
– How to architect a customer and content-centric approach to digital marketing
– How one content program attracted over 1,000 leads with no SEO. And how many more if we had used SEO
– A framework for creating meaningful content that’s optimized, socialized, publicized and influencer activated

If you are in the Salt Lake City area and would like to attend, tickets can be purchased on the conference website.

Unable to Attend SLCSEM But Want to Learn More?

Maybe it’s just not in the cards for you to attend SLCSEM but that doesn’t mean that you can get in on the conversation, and learn more about the steps you need to take to create a truly integrated digital marketing strategy.

Follow the conference hashtag on Twitter: #SLCSEM

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