Integrated Influencer Content Campaign ‘Crushes’ Pageview, Social Share Benchmarks

Prophix Interactive Quiz As Part of Integrated Influencer Content Campaign

As businesses strive to become more data-driven, there’s little doubt that financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is taking on a larger role in guiding the future of the entire organization. Simply put, finance departments are no longer merely providing static management reports; they’re tasked with being forward-thinking, trusted advisors to help steer the enterprise.

And with the right data and analytical capabilities, Prophix—a leading provider of corporate performance management (CPM) software solutions—believes finance departments can and will shape the future of business. However, in its recent “FP&A Empowerment: The Evolution of Technology & Trends” survey, Prophix found that just 12% of FP&A professionals say they have access to the right data at the right time to inform strategic decisions.

So, with the goal of inspiring and guiding FP&A professionals, as well as building awareness around its recent survey and CPM solution, Prophix partnered with TopRank Marketing to develop a “crush-worthy” integrated influencer content campaign.

What were the results? Keep reading to find out.

Driving Awareness with Insights & Expert Advice

Original research and influencer content are two incredibly powerful content marketing tools, helping build brand authority, credibility, and brand awareness. And together they’re a crush-worthy force.

With the survey results in hand, the TopRank Marketing team went to work to design a Candy Crush-themed campaign, engaging industry experts and thought leaders to take a peek at the results and offer their perspective and advice.

To create a consistent drumbeat, content assets within the campaign were (and are still) being rolled out in phases. A power page featuring an interactive quiz leveraging influencer insights served as the anchor asset to draw the audience in and make it fun to engage.

Prophix Interactive Quiz As Part of Integrated Influencer Content Campaign

In addition, other tactics included:

  • Blog content including an influencer round-up post, as well as an interview series featuring 10 influencers
  • Organic social media promotion
  • Paid social media promotion
  • Influencer social amplification
  • Infographic
  • Email

What Were the Results?

Blog Content

The first content piece, the influencer round-up blog, was launched in December 2017. Within the first four months of being live, it holds the title of Prophix’s top-shared blog post within the last year. Furthermore, we saw:

  • 15-times the number of social shares (compare to benchmark)
  • Top performing blog post in the past 12 months in terms of views, more than 10x the average post

As for other blog content, our influencer interview pieces are still rolling out, with seven out of 10 being published to date and a total pageview count of more than 1,000 and counting.

Power Page and Interactive Quiz

Serving as the core content anchor, within the first 45 days, the power page garnered 1,654 unique views (with 2,604 total views of the interactive quiz), which is a view rate 6-times higher than the benchmark for a similar resource. In addition, the power page:

  • Sits in the Top 5 for shared pages in the past 12 months, which is 3-times the average share rate
  • Was the fourth most trafficked page (behind the Home, About Us, and Privacy pages), accounting for 4% of all site traffic

Ready to Crush with an Integrated Influencer Campaign?

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