Interactive Microsite Engages Target Audience for New Service Launch


Current Situation

Antea Group US is an internationally renowned EHS and sustainability consulting firm with over 75 offices over the world and experience on 6 continents.

With a brand new global expansion service called EHS Passport ready to hit the market, the Antea Group team approached TopRank Marketing with the following objectives:

  • Spread awareness of global expansion challenges
  • Create a memorable asset that new and existing clients could engage with
  • Increase visibility of their new service offering page

Antea Group historically turned to e-books, whitepapers and industry reports as assets to help build awareness and visibility; however, they were interested in taking their marketing assets to the next level. They wanted something that users could have fun with, and learn at the same time.


TopRank Marketing conceptualized an interactive microsite that would weave gamification into their new global expansion practice. The microsite was designed as a playful, branded passport, offering users the chance to collect passport stamps through their journey. With each click, users unlock fun facts, statistics and tips to help them address common EHS compliance obstacles for global expansion.

The interactive microsite, hosted on, debuted at a large upcoming EHS and Sustainability conference, and continues to be used as a way to introduce their audience to the complexities of global expansion.

After all stamps are collected, visitors are directed to visit Antea Group’s service page for more information.





Antea Group received extremely positive feedback from conference attendees and staff on the interactive microsite. Additionally, website analytics shows users on both the microsite and targeted service page were much more engaged than average, with more pages per session and time on page than historical averages.

  • 150% increase in traffic to the EHS Passport service page
  • 202% increase in time on page for visitors referred to Antea’s website from