MIMA Summit Minneapolis: TopRank on Intersection Of SEO & Social Media


For what seems numerous years, but in reality is probably closer to several months, communities have been migrating en masse to online social networks.  This migration has changed most everything about our world, from how we play our favorite games or communicate with our oldest friends, to how our businesses market to our customers.  Cunning forethought has ensured the websites of many companies have secured positioning atop Google via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but as our world evolves, will this be enough?

As part of the 2009 MIMA Summit, Migrate, TopRank® Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden will be presenting, “The Intersection of SEO & Social Media.

Watch the video above for a preview into what Odden will discuss during the 45 minute presentation.

During this session, attendees will learn that social media means more than building a community and sharing content with a group of like-minded fans and followers.  Conversely, SEO means more than optimizing a website.  Rather, arriving at this intersection means optimizing the content you create and share within your social group (think blogs, video, images and audio) to be found through search.

For businesses leveraging social media as a tactic, this means attracting a larger audience, connecting with more prospects and closing more customers.  For businesses using SEO, this means expanding a tactic to receive more value than has ever before been possible.

Join Odden as he provides proven and specific “Do’s and Don’ts” of social media optimization and offers each attendee the opportunity to improve their search performance and marketing results.

Conference info:
MIMA 2009 Summit:  Migrate
Minneapolis, MN
October 5th

To register for this summit, visit:
MIMA Migrate

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