Google Says Keywords In URLs Are Good. Should I Change My Site?

From prominent locations including title tags, to less visible positions such as the alt text describing images, there is not one area of a website where keyword insertion will not be beneficial. Per Google, there is even “a little bit” of benefit to inserting keywords into URLs.

Does this “little bit of benefit” necessitate a site-wide overhaul?  Not necessarily.

If you are launching a brand new website, or already have a complete website overhaul planned, it certainly makes sense to build with best SEO practices – from the ground up.

In lieu of a complete rebuild, however, there are far more impactful updates you can make to your site, including:
–    Optimizing title tags & onpage copy
–    Securing links from non-competitive websites
–    Building internal, keyword optimized links into onpage copy

The advantage of updating each and every URL on your website will not make up for the disadvantage of pulling time away from implementing more impactful updates, including those mentioned above.

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