Leading Chronic Care Management Services Provider Reduces Average CPL by 69%

pay-per-clickA leading chronic care management services provider and long-time client of TopRank Marketing enlisted our help to revamp its existing PPC program. The goal was to increase leads and targeted traffic by increasing access to the right buyers at the right stages of the buying cycle. The results? Better than we could have imagined.


  • Increase access to buyers in the education and decision phase of the buying cycle for key segments
  • Drive targeted traffic to campaign landing pages in order
    to increase sourced leads / opportunities


To achieve maximum results, we totally revamped the existing PPC and display program, researching and optimizing relevant keywords and creative through A/B testing and competitive research. This testing included landing page design, ad copy and remarketing efforts.

Ultimately, the goal was to get in front of the right person at the right time, and the results speak for themselves!


Over the course of 2 months:

  • 69% reduction in average CPL
  • 100% increase in average CTR
  • 60% increase in qualified leads
  • 2,025 engagements
  • 564,511 impressions

average-cpl results