How a Leading Predictive Analytics Company Increased Conversions by 186%

Current Situation:

EverString™, a leading predictive analytics marketing company, recently engaged TopRank Marketing for assistance with their Digital Advertising program. EverString had been facing lowered volume and rising costs within a highly competitive industry.

They were experiencing unusually low conversion rates with their branded keywords with high costs per lead when compared to overall account performance and typical brand performance.


  • Increase Brand Conversions
  • Decrease Brand CPL’s with a target below $100 per lead


After reviewing historic PPC performance and creative, TopRank Marketing segmented branded terms into different campaigns and ad groups for better budget controls and keyword to ad copy relevance. With stronger positioning, improved quality scores and higher impression share in place, it was time to look at the Calls to Action that were being utilized within branded ad groups.

Historically, EverString’s campaigns focused on driving demo requests. After reviewing our search query reports, we uncovered that many search queries focused on basic product information on EverString’s predictive marketing platform.

Leveraging the integration of SEO & paid search, we were able to see a rise in queries around the brand itself across both channels.  The audience wanted to learn more about who they are, what they do, and how they do it.


everstring keyterms


We recommended the creation of a new content asset that answered the questions people were looking for answers to including: what is EverString, what do they do and how do they do it. A new datasheet was developed which answered all of those questions and more. The datasheet asset and corresponding ad copy was tested against the Demo Request CTA, along with a Case Study CTA.


Once we were able to answer the questions our audience was looking for, we saw performance skyrocket!

  • 186.3% Increase in Conversion Rates
  • 69.7% decrease in Cost per Lead
  •  CPL of $51, well below the $100 goal

everstring conversions

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