How Can Marketers Improve Trust, Authority & Credibility? Lee Odden Explores During IDMA 2018 Keynote In Mumbai

Lee Odden Keynoting IDMA 2018 Mumbai

What are the best ways that digital marketers can improve trust, gain authority, and grow credibility?

Actionable answers await as TopRank® Marketing chief executive and co-founder Lee Odden presents a major global keynote presentation during the Indian Digital Marketing Awards conference on June 27, 2018 in Mumbai, India.

Lee Odden

Lee Odden

Lee brings his noted influencer marketing background to IDMA 2018 for “5 Secrets to Growing Influence in Marketing,” which he’ll present as a conference global keynote speaker on Wednesday, June 27 at 12:25 p.m. in Mumbai.

“The average tenure of a CMO is under four years, representing a crisis in confidence when it comes to marketing,” Lee noted.

“To advance the valuable contributions marketing can make to everything from short-term sales to long-term market share, it is important for marketers to build trust and influence within their own organization,” Lee added.

Lee will examine how you can bring marketing back in a digital world with a recent past that has been marred by challenging concerns facing media platforms – from fake news to inappropriate content, to measurement. Lee will explore what needs to be done to dial the conversation back on marketing, and to put the smart marketer at the forefront of change.

With the credibility of marketing among customers and within companies at risk, how can marketers improve trust, authority and credibility?

In this keynote presentation, Lee will share five actionable secrets to building greater influence in marketing, to help you:

  • Understand the nature of influence — both internally and with customers
  • Build trust with company executives to inspire more confidence in marketing
  • Learn how major brands are using influence to achieve greater success with marketing to customers
  • Put marketing first by making customers the focus of your digital marketing

Registration and complete IDMA 2018 conference details are available on the IDMA 2018 website.

We hope you’ll join us in Mumbai for Lee’s latest insightful keynote, or follow along on Twitter using the #e4mIDMA hashtag.