Local SEO Engagement Renews With TopRank

As posted by SEO Designer Thomas McMahon to Online Marketing Blog:

“63% of consumers and small business owners use the Internet to find information about local companies and 82% use search engines (Webvisible & Nielsen).  That means there’s a lot of opportunity for local Search Engine Optimization, or local SEO.”

Essentially, local SEO focuses on optimizing content in order to position it in the ‘Local Business Results’ displayed by search engines such as Google and Bing.  Most times, ‘Local Business Results’ appear above traditional search results.

And while the article McMahon cites does not account for customers seeking companies in emergency situations, common reasoning suggests that those rising above traditional search results will be those that are called first when trouble strikes.

One company that can attest to the power of local SEO is Minneapolis-based Welter Heating and Air Conditioning, that has recently renewed its engagement with TopRank® Online Marketing.

For nearly 100 years, Welter Heating & Air Conditioning has provided home heating and cooling repair services for residents dealing with Minnesota’s uneven climate, marked by blistering summer heat and frigid winter cold. The objective of its renewed program with TopRank is to maintain and enhance local online visibility for emergency based search phrases, including ‘central air conditioning repair Minneapolis’ and ‘furnace repair Minneapolis.’

“A good share of the year, our customers and prospects need help with an emergency situation. By helping us develop content that stands out — and can quickly be found online — TopRank will continue to position us as one of the first names that rises to the top, both in our customers’ minds and in search results.” -Rick Welter, Welter Heating.

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