SEO Case Studies: Manufacturer Benefits from Long Term Search Engine Optimization

SEO Case Studies
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing tactic that helps search engines find, index and rank content on the web.   Proper SEO is not a silver bullet or a magic pill that will help a website skyrocket to the top of search rankings in 5 days or less.  When managed effectively, SEO is a tactic designed to produce results that are ongoing and cumulative – rather than dramatic and temporary. In the Search Engine Optimization case study below, flat panel and projector mount manufacturer Chief Manufacturing illustrates the ongoing success that can be achieved with a long term SEO program.


Chief Manufacturing has over 30 years of experience designing state-of-the-art mount and rack solutions for the technology industry and made significant investments in improving their online presence to deliver more value to current and potential customers. Armed with an improved website, Chief sought outside expertise to provide consulting on search engine optimization for improved search visibility, increased qualified website traffic and sales. While Chief Manufacturing marketing staff possess some SEO expertise, TopRank provides up to date keyword, content, link building and conversion optimization consulting on an ongoing basis, freeing the Chief marketing team to focus on other offline and digital marketing programs.


Chief Manufacturing initially engaged TopRank® Online Marketing in 2007 for a Search Engine Optimization program that has moved from SEO audit to an ongoing program that continues to improve search marketing performance. A key year over year objective for Chief Manufacturing is to increase website traffic from search engines with corresponding metrics such as improved visibility on keyword queries that reflect customer interest and intent.

Over time, a variety of factors can arise that stand in the way between a website and its target audience ranging from updated search engine ranking methodology as was the case with Google Caffeine, to past content falling out of date. On a proactive basis, the TopRank Marketing team has worked with Chief Manufacturing marketing staff to address any SEO issues with SEO technical assessments and a keyword glossary audit.

Major web design or content changes can have a disastrous effect on search engine visibility and TopRank provides SEO advice during such changes to mitigate any negative effects. As with all SEO clients, TopRank Marketing also works with the Chief Manufacturing marketing team on a monthly promotional plan to ensure the creation and promotion of new and compelling content designed to attract a steady stream of customers.


Since 2007, TopRank® Online Marketing has helped Chief Manufacturing achieve double-digit percentage increases in key performance indicators each year. For example, some of the improvements in 2010 over 2009 include:

  • 53% more inbound links
  • 22% more top 10 keyword rankings
  • 25% greater search engine brand awareness
  • 12% increase in organic search engine traffic

Most importantly, Chief Manufacturing now dominates the competition on a wide range of keyword queries in their industry. In fact, Chief has anywhere from 2-16 times more search engine visibility than any of their competitors for priority keyword terms that they are targeting.  Top search engine placements keep Chief Manufacturing top of mind for prospective customers that are looking for “flat panel mounts” and related products resulting in more inquiries and sales.

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