Long Term SEO Programs Renew With TopRank

As discussed in a recent long term SEO case study, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a silver bullet that will help a website skyrocket to the top of search rankings overnight.

Proper SEO lives most comfortably in the home of a long term online marketing program. It is a discipline that understands benefits reaped on the climb up the mountain can be just as impactful as those achieved once the summit is reached.  It also understands how difficult it is to replace the king of any mountain, especially one strengthened by a strategic climb to the top.

The two companies below, both of which have been engaged with TopRank® Online Marketing for more than five years, have long reaped the business benefits of a strategic long term SEO program.  With new program renewals, both inch ever closer to kings of industry status.

Learn more about these companies and engagements below:

Chief Manufacturing has designed mounting and rack solutions for the technology industry for more than thirty years.  In each year of its engagement with TopRank, Chief Manufacturing has experienced double digit percentage increases in metrics ranging from top ten keyword rankings to organic search engine traffic. As part of an expanded SEO engagement with TopRank, Chief Manufacturing has added conversion optimization, which will allow the company to succinctly tie leads and inquiries back to specific online marketing initiatives.

Tekna Seal, a custom manufacturer of hermetically sealed connectors, speaks to an incredibly niche online marketplace, making its dozens of targeted keyword rankings in Google upper 5 absolutely vital to its success.  Continued success will be ensured with its latest program renewal, which includes paid search program management.

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