How Can An Unknown Start-Up Maximize Visibility for a New Product or Service?

Imagine you were the enlightened caveman (or woman) who invented the wheel.  How would you drum up demand for your new product – by promoting your newly coined phrase ‘wheel’ or by promoting a solution for traveling and dragging?

Today’s start-ups would be wise to heed to this analogy.

Until the product or service you create has its name ingrained in the minds of your target, there is very little chance they will find you regardless of how badly they need you.  It doesn’t matter that everyone needs a ‘pilotguide’ (a fictional and foolproof autopilot for your car) if no one knows to ask for a pilotguide by name.

Instead, focus on promoting the universal benefits your new product or service offers, optimizing for keyword phrases used by your target when they seek a solution to common problems you are helping to solve.

Rather than ‘pilotguide,’ think ‘chauffeur services’, rather than ‘pilotguide evening capabilities’ think ‘nighttime driving safety.’

A good question to ask yourself is, ‘what does my prospect ask for before they have any idea that I exist?’

Answer this question with your online marketing efforts and you’ll not only maximize visibility – you may just may stumble on a messaging strategy that would have remained completely hidden otherwise.

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