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What’s the difference between large scale SEO projects and those implemented for small medium businesses? Plenty. The mechanics of an enterprise search engine optimization program are different when dealing with large amounts of content with different content sources and content management systems. But factor in the organizational complexities of approval processes, stakeholders and communications with a big company and it’s a whole different ballgame.

TopRank Senior Account Manager Jolina Pettice and CEO Lee Odden conspired on an article addressing the challenges and opportunities of energizing an enterprise SEO campaign that was recently published in MediaPost’s Search Insider:

“Large-scale search engine optimization projects are often perceived as the golden egg for many SEO agencies, with their big budgets and shiny, well-known brand names. Unfortunately, search engine marketers may quickly realize that the golden egg came from a large, slow-moving tortoise.”

“Successful enterprise SEO projects require a unique combination of mechanical SEO expertise, as well as large company political savvy.”

“Making significant progress in a reasonable amount of time is possible with the right mix of planning, communication and expertise. Once various departments or businesses are moving in the same direction and at a much faster pace, the egg-laying tortoise can turn into a nimble, fast-moving hare.”

Read the full post at Search Insider.

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