How Can I Ensure My Content Marketing Strategy Is Mobile Friendly?

As with any other type of content published in support of content marketing initiatives, mobile content must be findable.  And this means adjusting your optimization and creation efforts to ensure you both identify – and produce – content that effectively reaches your mobile audience.

Because different mobile devices will render your site in different ways, it is most critical to first determine what percentage of your audience is accessing your content through a mobile device – and, of course – what type of mobile device they are most commonly using.  The ‘Mobile’ visitor segment in Google Analytics will provide you an overview of this critical data point.

Dependent on the types of mobile devices most commonly used to access your site, your options may fall anywhere between making only minimal changes to your content and layout (ie if your mobile audience is using Smartphones almost exclusively) or creating a completely new mobile friendly site.

Next, you’ll want to ensure the keyword glossary you create to support both optimization and content marketing efforts contains a balance of mobile friendly phrases.  As reported by eMarketing & Commerce, mobile search query strings are – on average – 25% shorter than desktop searches.  This means finding the ‘short hand’ (ie what abbreviated versions of your targeted keywords boast search volume or are generating real-time results?) in the ‘long tail’ (ie what ultra-specific keyword variations are driving traffic to your site?)

Fortunately, apart from these specific considerations, your mobile content marketing strategy will likely not vary too largely from your traditional content marketing strategy.  Ultimately, both aspects of this strategy will strive to:

  • Quickly speak to – and address – the specific pain points of your audience
  • Provide content that compels your audience and speaks to their interests
  • Be open to constant testing and refinement, based on results measurement

And this means you should always be striving to produce content that is relevant, interesting and adjustable. This will always hold true – whether your platform is traditional or mobile.