SEO & Email Marketing Help Solidify Brand Identity: NewsUSA Renews With TopRank

As traditional and online public relations merge to become one all-encompassing PR landscape, the companies that dare to blaze new trails through this wilderness will have the most success. One such company is NewsUSA, a 20-year veteran in the media placement industry.

In 2009, NewsUSA worked to reinvent itself as a thought leading social syndication resource. With help from TopRankĀ® Online Marketing, it built and broadcast its new brand identity to a burgeoning list of prospects in channels ranging from email to Twitter and social media. The results NewsUSA experienced with TopRank included double-digit percentage increases in content views and the attraction of more than 3,000 web influencers to its Twitter feed.

To ensure its brand continues to solidify in online channels, and in the minds of prospects, NewsUSA has recently renewed its program with TopRank.

With its renewed program, rooted in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email marketing, NewsUSA will continue to:

  • Build online awareness as the premier social syndication resource
  • Increase targeted website traffic from media and PR professionals
  • Boost leads generated by its website and email marketing campaigns

“TopRank has helped us establish ourselves as the one name to know in an emerging and extremely lucrative marketplace,” states Richard Rothstein, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, NewsUSA.Ā  “With our program renewal, we look forward to more of the same – a sales team busier than they’ve been in years.”