Niche Influencer eBook Campaign Drives Awareness, ‘Huge’ Leads for CRM Automation Software Provider

For decades, many sales and business development professionals have relied on customer relationship management (CRM) systems as central databases, helping them track and manage their customer and prospect contacts, as well as enhance the sales process. However, one niche business sector that’s been reluctant to adopt CRM technology is the legal industry — something that Introhive, a leading CRM automation solutions provider, wanted to change.

With the objective of raising brand awareness — and leads — within the legal community, TopRank Marketing partnered with Introhive to craft an influencer-infused content campaign that combined survey insights from legal professionals, as well as contributions from industry influencers. The results? Keep reading to find out.

Boosting Brand Awareness, Engagement and Leads

We knew the legal community would be a challenging audience to reach. Typically, business development is not an established department within most practices, making it hard to justify an investment in a technology that aims to help streamline the sales process.

But all firms and small practices have growth aspirations. As a result, we designed, launched and administered a survey that would tap into the thoughts, attitudes and pain points of competing in today’s marketplace within this professional community. Once the results were in, we analyzed the results, pulled interesting insights, and began outlining an eBook that would be free to download.

But we weren’t done yet. With the Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) event coming up in the early spring, we tapped event speakers and other industry thought leaders to contribute tips and insights to beef up the eBook content, as well as help amplify the finished product during before, during and after the event. In addition, we leveraged the conference hashtag to organically reach attendees with our content.

Our campaign boasted a mix of other content marketing tactics including:

  • 12 legal industry-related blog posts
  • Organic social messages to amplify all content across Introhive channels
  • Paid social amplification
  • Custom landing page for eBook downloads
  • Event email promotion

What Were the Results?

  • 8% conversion rate to marketing qualified leads
    • Resulting in “medium to huge” leads per the Introhive team
  • 70 eBook downloads in the first month
    • A previous asset has 61 lifetime downloads since November 2016
  • 2,098 views to legal blog content (48% of total Q1 blog views)
  • 12,078 total #LMA17 Twitter impressions in just three days
    • Non-event daily average organic impressions are 764 per day
  • 85% increase in new monthly Twitter followers new Twitter followers
    • 20 average new followers per month

Ready to Reach Your ‘Hard to Reach’ Audience?

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